a ple??nary meeting of the delp

egation of People's Liberation?? Army (PLA) and armed police at the ongoing session o??f the 13th National People's Congress, the national l??egislature. "Implementing the strateJ

n?? Army J

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gy of military-c??ivilian integrationY

is a prerequisite for building in??tegrated national strategies and strategic capabiliti??es and for realizing the Party's goal of building a s??trong military in the new era," j

and armedM

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Xi said. He called f??or efforts 9

to promote military development featuring ??higher quality, efficiency, and scientific and techno??logical levels. Highlighting coordinated sci-tech in??novation in key areas bet7

police aw

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ween the military and civili??an sectoE

rs, Xi asked related parties to promote integ??rated reasoning and implementation on key sci-tech pr??ojects and race to occupy the strategic high ground i??n terms of sci-tech i2

t the ongf

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nnovation. China has achieved K

a?? revolutionary restructuring of the military organiza??tion and services amid deepened reform on national de??fense and the armed forces since the 18th CPC Nationa??l Congress3

oing sessU

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in lateK

2012, Xi said. Xi said efforts sh??ould be made to speed up the establishment of a moder??n military policy system. He ordered the military to?? firmly support the Party and theu

ion of thV

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country's instituti??onalu

reform and ensure reform tasks concerning both t??he military and civilian sectors well implemented. H??e said efforts to build the system of rule of law in ??Chinese military sD

e ??13th Y

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ld be strengthened. Xi asked ev??ery member of the armed forces to uphold the Constitu??tion, and be its loyal supporter, active follower, an??d firm defender. He said Party commb

National 9

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ees and govern??ments at all levels should do more to support the cau??se of defense and military advancement, while the arm??ed forces should render their service to economic an6

People's E